About Clean Ads

An alternative and environmentally friendly way of showcasing your brand, Clean Ads are a great solution, whatever the business.

Clean ads are produced by simply cleaning the pavement with water using a suitable template. No chemicals, spray paints or substances other than water are used, and the ads will naturally fade over a period of weeks/months.

City Brand have several years’ experience in running campaigns, with clients such as GCHQ, Jaguar Land Rover, EY and many more.

Take a look at examples of our work below…

Jaguar Land Rover

Lloyds Bank

All of the above were placed in high footfall areas, in locations such as Shoreditch, where, in the case of GCHQ, the adverts generated a social media interest.

This kind of reaction isn’t exclusive however, so why not get in touch and let us see what we could do for your business!

clean ads social
clean ads social 1