The Brief

The brief required something unconventional but ultimately highly effective from City Brand in order to create awareness and an increase in applications to Knowhow’s Technical Contact Centre.

The Idea

We decided to take an approach that would be guaranteed to direct public attention to the brand.

A branded gazebo, a frame banner, red carpet and VIP ropes were erected in Sheffield City Centre. Using this as a hub, our team of professional promotion staff distributed leaflets and registered interested candidates. We also arranged and choreographed a FlashMob to perform a routine in the City Centre. This unique and uncommon spectacle was a fantastic tool for capturing the attention of passers-by and ensuring memorability of the brand.

We combined both online and offline strategies to ensure maximum exposure for the client.

The Results

A remarkable 700 registrations were achieved along with 3,250 leaflets distributed. The most important statistic, however, was that all 41 vacancies were filled at their Sheffield contact centre within their desired time-frame.