The Brief

The purpose of this event was to promote apprentice job opportunities with Sky in Birmingham and Sheffield. In order for this to be achieved, members of staff were encouraged to hand out printed A5 leaflets, while promoting the roles through general word of mouth.

Campaign Description

The promotions team made the public aware of their presence via branded Sky Apprentice recruitment team clothing and a fully branded advertising bike.



The day started off well and maintained this positive trajectory throughout, with the staff member specifically targeting the Pokémon Go phenomenon and visiting the ‘Pokestops’ to ensure they were engaging with the correct target audience.

A vast majority of people spoken to were happy to take a leaflet and, of those who were out of the age bracket, these took one to pass on to friends or family members. The full quota of 500 leaflets were subsequently distributed to the public.



Due to the event being held on the same day as Tramlines Festival, this meant there were a large number of people in the city centre and, more specifically, a high amount of younger people to interact with.

Much in the same manner as Birmingham, we placed emphasis on tapping into Pokémon Go, by utilising ‘Pokestops’. A high volume of those in the correct age bracket were hanging around the area, and all were happy to take a leaflet. This was either because they, themselves were interested, or had a friend or family member who was also. As was the outcome in Birmingham, the full amount of 500 leaflets were handed out.